Social Recruitment

The structure of technicians

Working place: shenzhen baoan xixiang measurements

Hiring: 2 people

Salary: negotiable

Valid time: 2013.11.05-2014.02.05

Recruiters: shenzhen spring model electronics co., LTD

Contact person: Ceng Zhenlun

Telephone: 0755-29749860 * 104

Add:5/F No.5009 Baoan Road,Sanwei Community,Xixiang Town,Baoan District,Shenzhen 518126 China.

E-mail: spring@springrc.com

Job responsibilities:

1. The mechatronics product prototype production

2. Assist engineer to finish new product BOM and process

3. Assist engineer drawing engineering plan

Job requirements:

1. Any gender, the age of 18 to 30;

2. Interested in mechanical structure, can skilled operate CAD drawing software.

3. Above technical secondary school educational level; Mechanical, electrical and mechanical professional graduate is preferred.