Dtr-1 elementary and middle school practice class teaching

Issuing time:2014-01-03 21:12

Dtr-1 program-controlled manipulator has been successfully used in practical teaching in primary and secondary schools

The dtr-1 type program-controlled mechanical arm cover provided by our company has been successfully equipped with the robot practice classroom of jimo youth practice education base in shandong province. On November 19, 2012, the base welcomed more than 300 leaders, teachers and experts from provincial and municipal education departments who came to Qingdao to participate in the on-site meeting of the national practice base for primary and secondary schools. The representatives watched with great interest the whole process of the assembly operation and application procedure of the students to realize the control of the mechanical arm movement. Some representatives also give students with the real object, let it complete the object lifting and transfer action, a student set the program after accurate completion, the representatives gave warm applause to encourage. Mr. Li, director of the teaching equipment and instrument research institute of the ministry of education, also came to the classroom to watch the students' operation demonstration, and asked about the students' learning gains. He fully affirmed the idea of using the program-controlled mechanical arm in the practical education class of primary and middle schools.

The students listened attentively to the teacher's explanation of robot knowledge

Mechanical arm classroom at jimo youth practice education base in shandong province

The students are writing the control program for the input manipulator