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Introduction of New Product -Intelligent Robotic Servo SR518D

SR518D is the newest SR5-series intelligent robotic servo developed by Springrc.It’s completely compatible to the demension and control system of SR508H and SR518. We adopted half-duplex asynchronous series bus port communication as before. It can feed back information about position, speed, voltage, tempreture etc. Every servo can be set in different node address because it is controlled by UART uniformly. Servos can work together as well as work indepedently. SR518D can be settled in machine control mode and also position control mode by sending instructions through ASI.In the machine control mode, the servo can be used as DC geared motor and the speed is adjustable. In the position control mode, the servo has a angle rotation of 0-300°, in which the servo possesses an accurate position control ability and the speed is adjustable. The resolution ratio reaches 0.32 degree. All the half-duples UART ASI which is in accordance with the communication agreement is able to communicate with SR518D. One more important point, SR518D is compatible with Robotic Dynamixel communication.      
       In order to make sure the servo has sufficient output torque and speed, we use effective magnetic iron motor,matching exquisite gear reducer system, to make the biggest spin torque above 20kg-cm, which absolutely can meet the requirments of common robots. The SR518D support a voltage range from 6.8V~14V, which is convinient to different users.
       The standard specifications in 7.4V is as following. Torque 16.5kg-cm, speed 0.19s/60°, no load current 200MA, stall current 2.6A. It’s a midrange and high end robotic servo which can be widely used in robotic activity, education, scientific research etc.