The 21st China international model expo in 2020

Issuing time:2019-12-15 19:07

The 21st China international model expo


2020.4.21-4.23 Beijing exhibition hall

China international model Expo (spring) -- the industry flagship exhibition, leading the model brand promotion and cultural experience as a model Expo of scale and influence in the asia-pacific region -- every Hobby Expo China can focus on presenting the design concept, technology application and development trend of the model industry * *. Since its inception in 2001, the high proportion of exhibitors reputation and international buyers attendance has always proved that China international model expo has been a platform for the release of new models, international trade negotiations and industry information exchange. In 2018, all domestic and foreign brand model enterprises will take the stage and compete to appear in China, a rapidly growing model consumer market

China model exhibition has always been indispensable to the industry exhibition, the traditional brand enterprises in the hearts of model fans can not be absent from this event, but also can not lose the potential of China as a consumer market. ACE, atto, BSD, Futaba, FMS, fusi, haitac, HPI, warker, huamai, HSD hobby, jinfeng, jingshang, nine eagles, JR, thunder, leadfly, SAB, nanchang sanrui, Yokomo and other industry leaders in the field of remote control model all appeared, receiving guests and friends at home and abroad and competing for new products.

Display content

Plane and space model, the model of automobiles, trains, and ships, unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, surrounding the physical scale models, film and television animation model, radio remote control equipment, engine, rocket engines, propellers, model for the fuel, batteries and other related products, mold manufacturing equipment, tools, and related products, model manufacturing materials and coatings, books, magazines, etc

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